الحرم الإبراهيمي TOMB OF THE PATRIARCHS A sacred site to all three Abrahamic faiths: Islam, Christianity and Juda-ism. It is the burial place of three couples: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah. It is the second holiest place for Judaism after the Western Wall, gathering approximately 500,000 Jewish worshipers each year. It is also highly sacred for Islam, which recognizes Abraham as a true prophet of God. Until 1994, the whole compound was managed by Muslims. It was entirely used as a mosque, but open to all the visitors. Jewish worshipers used to pray outside the mosque, in front of the south-western corner called The complex has been strictly segregated since the 1994 massa-cre in the Ibrahimi Mosque, when the settler Baruch Goldstein attacked Muslim worshipers during Ramadan Friday prayers, killing 29 of them and wounding more than a hundred. After the massacre, the Tomb was closed for eight months by Israeli authorities. During this time, Israelis occupied part of the building and divided it into a Jewish and Muslim site separated by a built-in wall. Currently 68% of the building is Muslim, but they have no access to the Holy Garden. The path leading from the carpark to the tomb goes through the small green area belonging to the municipality. Israeli authorities built large stairs connecting the the two points, which enable all Jewish visitors access to walk and visit the monu - ment while avoiding the surround - i ng Palestinan neighborhoods.Then Israeli built a segregated street, known as "prayer road" to connect the settlement of Kyriat Arba to the Tomb of the Patriarchs to facilitate settlers' movement during Shabbat. As the path was constructed, it destroyed part of the Muslim neigh - borhoods of Haret A-Salayme and Haret A-Jaabari. One side of the street is for Palestinians and the other for settlers and internationals only. IBRAHIMI MOSQUECave of Machpelah Divided Mosque: side turned into a Synagogue Open space forbidden for Palestinians Parking Prayer road Side for Palestinians Side for Settlers Kyriat Arba Al-Shuhada street Haret A-Salayme Jewishtourist center Israelipolice station HaretA-Jaabri Mosque Area turned into a Synagogue Seven steps Casbah