A checkpoint called Al-Salay-meh or A-Rajabi, located at the entrance to the Abu Sneineh neighborhood. It owes both of its names to the families living nearby. Both were built in 2001 after the beginning of the Second Intifada. It secures the road leading from the Qiryat Arba settlement to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. It is part of the road infrastructure, designed as a “security” belt connecting all of the settlements situated within the Old City. Palestinian cars are not allowed in the area, so the road serves as a passage intended strictly for settlers’ vehicle movement. Settlers refrain from walking on this part of the road, especially since it runs in between two Palestinian neighborhoods. The checkpoint is composed of a control cabin, and a barrier in the shape of a road gate and metal detector, supplemented by the constant presence of border police, who carefully check every person entering the area. Soon it will be changed and rebuilt to resem-ble more of the complex struc-ture of Bab A-Zawiya check-point. HAJEZ Al-SALAYMEHAl-Salaymeh checkpoint8 A-Rajabi checkpoint حاجز السلايمة Al-Shuhadastreet Kiryat ArbaSettlement