BAB AL-BALADIEHThe gate of the municipality11 MUNICIPALITY SQUARE Bab Al-Baladieh used to be one of the busiest places in the city. A former Municipality building points to the place where the Old City officially starts. A square used to connect Shuha-da Street with the Casbah, allowing cars to enter the area from Shuhada Street. After the massacre in 1994, complete vehicle restrictions were imple-mented and are currently ensured by the closed metal gate, separating Shuhada Street and nearby Beit Romano settlement from the rest of the market.Large numbers of watchpoints established by the Israeli army on the roofs of the neigh-bourhood prevent Palestinians from its rehabilitation. This action can result in the aban-donment of buildings, which without conservation can became unsuitable for living. Forced emigration of residents can lead to the creation of a buffer zone between nearby settlements and the city, which is what seems to be the aim of the occupational policy in the area. باب البلدية Beit RomanoSettlement Al-Shuhadastreet