A crucial point for Israeli occu-pational structure for two reasons: firstly, because this area serves as the entrance to the Beit Haddasha settlement and secondly, because until the expansion of the military zone in October 2015, when the street was completely closed for non-residents, this point used to be the ending point for the Palestinian pedestrian move-ment, blocking access to the rest of the Shuhada street, and forcing Palestinians to take a far longer road, leading through the Casbah to get to the Ibrahimi mosque. In addition, the stair-way passage is currently (since Oct. 2015) blocked. More than 50 families living on Tel Rumei-da used to use it to access their homes. As a result, they have to use a far longer dirt road to reach their destination. Military checkpoints are composed from infrastructure (cabins) and soldiers (at least two), present at all times. Nowadays, their purpose is limited to ensuring the closure of both passages. HAJEZ AL-DABBUYABeit Hadassah checkpoint4 AL-SHUHADA STREET Al-Shuhadastreet حاجز الدبويا "بيت هداسا" Beit HadassahSettlement