Abu Eisheh family
عائلة أبو عيشة

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The Abu Eisheh Family live completely surrounded by the settlement of Tel Rumeida. This location, and the violent behavior of the settlers living there, has forced them to protect every windows and every entrance with metal nets. The house resembles a cage. Nowadays the only ones allowed to enter by the street leading to the settlement are the main family members.

The Abu Eisheh family’s home is known as the “cage house.” After settlers arrived in 1983, restrictions were imposed gradually. First, the army enforced numbering of the vehicles of the Palestinian residents to let them through. The soldiers would on occasion state that they were not able to find the number and would prevent the family from entering with the car or let them wait for hours. Eventually, cars were not allowed at all and all visitors needed permission. Fixing anything in the house became difficult, and ambulances that used to arrive within few minutes now took 1-5 hours. As a result, two of Tayseer’s children passed away at birth because of delays. The first time when the ambulance did not arrive, they decided to walk, and the baby was dead by the time they reached the hospital. The second time, his wife was pregnant with twins. A month prior to the birth, the family talked with the administration to avoid a similar tragedy. The wife went into labor at midnight and the ambulance arrived at 1:30. Only one child survived.

Attacks from settlers became a frequent occurence. Settlers would break the windows with rocks or damage the cars while the family was sleeping. The family put up a fence, which needed to be replaced several times after settlers cut through it. The family has been subject to physical attacks as well. Once, a group of 50 settlers surrounded the house and tried to kill them. Shalom Alkobi broke in through the door and attacked Tayseer. Abu Samir, the grandfather, defended himself with his walking stick and managed to push the settler out. The family went to the roof, and the police arrived in the morning. Tayseer had grabbed a fistful of Alkobi’s beard during the fight and presented it as evidence. Alkolbi was found guilty and sentenced five months of social service ina hospital. This was the only arrest made, though Abu Samir has filed the most police reports in Hebron.