Material: steel
Description: temporary structure, usually part of the checkpoint


Material: concrete
Description: solid structure, usually built in an area without tall buildings


Material: metal sheets and glass
Description: temporary structure standing on the ground or located on a roof. The window in the cabin lets soldiers watch from inside.


Material: concrete and metal
Description: removable structure composed by a concrete cube and metal roof, usually located beside another watchtower.

Structures designed to be used as observation points located in the strategic points of the area. Similar to checkpoints composed of two elements, it is infrastructure that provides a good view with security personnel responsible for gathering data about the controlled area.

Most of the watchpoints are located on the higher buildings and structures or implemented in the shape of a tower. Usually watchpoints are constructed as companion structures to checkpoints. Their construction depends on their location and accessibility. There are two most common kinds of watchpoints – cabins and towers. Cabins can be located on a settlement or on an empty Palestinian building situated nearby, allowing soldiers access from the settlement through the path constructed on the roofs of abandoned buildings or on isolated buildings situated away from the settlements, but still for certain reasons important for security purposes. They are often supported by structural additions allowing soldiers access to the roof. Solid, high towers are located in open spaces, where control is crucial, but lack in the area high and accessible buildings to establish a cabin on their roof as a watch point. High towers can be also a part of the checkpoint; in these cases it takes the form of an easily removable temporary structure.