Project coordinator

Marianna Castellari (Architect)
[email protected]

In cooperation with

Youth Against Settlements (YAS)

Web Developer

Suhaib Mujahid
[email protected]

Graphic design

Marianna Castellari

Interviews and Texts

Agata KoƂodziej, Maya Garner and Sundos Al Azza.

Thanks to

  • All the members of Youth Against Settlements (Yas). Particular thanks to Jawad Abu Aesheh, Issa Amro and Akram Natsheh.
  • Nuha D., Architect (Hebron Rehabilitation Committee).
  • Mohammed Jabary, Professor of Computer Engineering (Palestine Polytechnic University).
  • Azza family, Salaymeh family, Sharabati family , Al Hadad family, Abu Eisheh family, Abed Al Raoof Mohtaseb, Jabari family, Zakyeh Mahmoud Qasrawi family.
  • Maurizio Calabrese, C. B., Elena Pasynkova, Z.Z.