Area H1, H2

H1 Area under Palestinian control
H2 Area under Israeli military control

The scheme shows the division of Hebron into two areas, H1 and H2

Before the beginning of 1997, Israel controlled all of the Hebron area. On January 17th The Hebron Protocol was signed, concerning partial redeployment of Israeli military forces from the city. Under this agreement, Hebron was divided into two areas: H1 and H2. Control of H1 shifted to the Palestinian Authority and H2 remained under Israeli military control. The H2 area is inhabited by approximately 35 000 Palestinians and 500 settlers living in four downtown settlements inside the Old City. The Palestinian population in H2 is declining due to the impact of Israeli measures including extended curfews, restrictions on pedestrian movement and the prohibition of vehicle movement and closure of shops and other commercial buildings, all of the above applying only to Palestinian residents. All Palestinians in area H2 are under the military law while Israeli settlers under Israel’s civil law.