The entrance to the Qeitun neighborhood, located on Al-Sahla Street. Regular check-point composed of a watch tower, a control cabin with metal detector standing in front of it, passage and ongoing presence of soldiers. It is open only to pedestrians. One of two most characteristic elements of the architecture located near the checkpoint is a parking lot intended for Israeli tour buses. The area used to serve as a playground for the nearby Ibrahimi School, since from 1986 to 1994 it was also used as a flea market on Fridays. A second element worth men-tioning is the Abu Rajab house on the opposite side of the street with Jewish flags hanging from the windows on the upper floor. This illustrates an example of a hostile settler takeover of a Palestinian house, as supported by the state. The building used to be occupied by settlers, who eventually were removed by the police, but the main part of the house is empty till this day. This is because the family who won the court case still hasn’t received permission to re-enter the house. HAJEZ ABU AL-REESHAbu Al-Reesh checkpoint7 AL-SHUHADA STREET حاجز أبو الريش Al-Shuhadastreet