Area A, B, C

Palestinian-built area
Area A under Palestinian control
Area B with shared control: Palestinian civic control, Israeli security control
Israeli settlements-built area
Area C under Israeli control

The scheme shows how Hebron and its surroundings are divided into area A, B and C

Under the Oslo II Accord, the West Bank was divided into three areas under different jurisdiction. Area A comprises about 18% of the West Bank and, including most of the Palestinian urban areas and is under the complete control of the Palestinian Authority. Area B covers approximately 22% of the West Bank and includes the majority of Palestinian rural areas. Civil control of this area is under Palestinian jurisdiction, but security control is shared by Palestinian and Israeli authorities. Area C comprises 60% of the West Bank and lies under full Israeli control. The Palestinian Authority is responsible for education and healthcare only. The Israeli military uses the area for its own needs - military purposes, settlement development etc., effectively banning Palestinian construction and the possibility of development. All Palestinians in Area C are under the military law while Israeli settlers under Israel’s civil law.