Al-Shuhadastreet The wall isolating Al–Shuhada Street from the Al-Shweiki neighborhood.The closure is composed of a concrete wall masked with stone covering which is quite unusual for physi-cal obstructions used by the Israeli army. This represents a perfect example of common attempts to hide the rough esthetic of the occupational structures built along Al–Shuha-da Street. The outcome of this action is creation of public spaces, where even if the barri-er is still easily visible the urban fabric seems more appealing forsettlers living in the area and their visitors. It is worth mention-ing that the wall is masked only on the settlement side. The closure is a response to an Israeli need to establish a “secu-rity” belt connecting Tel Rumei-da to the Qiryat Arba settle-ment.The watch tower on the other side of the street is currently inactive most of the time. It is possible that the creation of the aforementioned wall completely closed the entrance to Al–Shuhada from the Al-Shweiki neighborhood and made the presence of soldiers unnecessary. HA’ET HARET AL-SHWEIKIAl-Shweiki neighborhood wall6 AL-SHUHADA STREET حائط حارة الشويكي