حاجز الحرم Checkpoint connecting the Old City with the Tomb of the Patri-archs. It is located next to the entrance to the mosque. It is one of two checkpoints Muslim worshipers have to get through to enter the mosque. Com-posed of a control cabin, metal detector, two passages one to get in and one to get out of H2 area and border police. Closed on Israeli holidays. Open from early morning till 9 p.m. After that hour, leaving the area is possible only through nearby The Soup Kitchen checkpoint (Hajez Shorabah). To enter the H2 after 9 p.m. residents have to sneak through nearby roofs. The significance of this point for the Israeli army is that the thorough control of all the people entering the mosque is possible. Hindered access to the building can limit the number of worshipers visiting the mosque, and lead to the gradu-al abandonment of the place, giving Israelis the possibility to gain control over the whole complex of The Tomb of the Patriarchs. HAJEZ AL-HARAMIbrahimi Mosque checkpoint10 AL-SHUHADA STREET Al-Shuhadastreet