Checkpoint securing the entrance to the last part of the belt connecting all the Hebron settlements, making it another crucial point on the occupation-al map of H2. Its name Gilbert is an acronym of the name of Jabar Al-Rahmeh street leading to Tel Rumeida. It is staffed around the clock by the Israeli military forces. Composed of a metal detector, concrete blocks closing part of the road and soldiers conducting obligatory checks. Supplemented by a cabin located on the other side of the junction controlling pedestrian movement coming from Al-Shuhada Street. of the junction controlling pedestrian movement coming from Al-Shu-hada Street. Since October 2015, the area has been open only for holders of residential numbers. Before October 2015, there was no regular checkpoint, just soldiers carry-ing out intermittent surveillance. Climbing the road leading directly to the Tel Rumeida settlement is permissible only to members of the Abu Haikal, al-'Aza, al-Khatib and Abu 'Eishah families, whose houses are located there. HAJEZ JABAL AL-RAHMEHJabal Al-Rahmeh checkpoint2 GILBERT CHECKPOINT حاجز جبل الرحمة "جيلبيرت" Al-Shuhadastreet Tel RumeidaSettlement