AVRAHAM AVINUSettlement دوار الحسبة DEWWAR AL-HESBEH The largest settlement inside Hebron, located in the heart of the Old City between Al-Shuha-da Street and the main street of the Casbah. Several windows from settlers houses look out on the Casbah street which forced the municipality to install protec-tive nets to ensure safety for Palestinians exposed to trash thrown out of the settler windows. The settlement is built adjoining the Hebron vegetable market, composed mainly of residential units and a restored synagogue. It used to be adiverse area shared by Palestin ians and descendants of Jewish exiles from Spain, who came tothe area in the 16th century. The report written by The Hebron Rehabilitation Commit-tee says that the Israeli Govern-ment has been making great efforts to renovate this area since the second half of the 1970’s, especially in the old synagogue that was rebuilt during this period. As a conse-quence, in 1983 the Israeli forces started destroying build-ings surrounding the Jewish Synagogue and buildingresidential compounds dedicat ed to settlers in their place. This settlement is a prime example of how the fabric of the Old City is being lost by building new, mas-sive buildings created without any respect to existing architec-ture. The area is well controlled from above by soldiers using Palestinian houses as watch points. Al-Shuhadastreet Road for settlers only Casbah Protectivenet Elements of the occupation Settlers’ buildings