Al-Jabal Al-Rahmastreet Point connecting Tel Rumeida with the Al Jabal Al-Rahma neighborhood, located close to the Jewish Cemetery, referred to by Palestinians as Qafesha building’s checkpoint. The name comes from the family living in the house situated next to the road gate. Currently com-posed of a barrier in the form of a road gate connected by concrete cubes, it closes the passage of vehicles, but allows pedestrian movement. A watch tower used to be located on Qafesha’s roof, but was later removed and replaced by a more solid structure construct-ed on the ground, separated from the street by concrete high blocks on the lower part, and a metal net on the upper part. The complex is supplemented by two soldiers that are present there all the time. A barrier sepa-rates Palestinian vehicle move-ment from the settler vehicle movement, which mostly occurs on the road surrounding the Jewish Cemetery located on Palestinian land rented by The Jewish Committee from the Soltan family more than one hundred years ago. HAJEZ OMARET QAFESHAQafesha building’s street block3 AL-JABAL AL-RAHMA STREET Al-Shuhadastreet حاجز عمارة قفيشة