The square took its name from the vegetable market that used to be there, making it an import-ant junction on Al-Shuhada Street. The building located in the middle of the area was used as a main storehouse supplying multiple stands surrounding it, situated on the open space and under constructed roofs stand-ing nearby. The area used to be well connected with Casbah and the Blacksmith market through small streets located in between urban fabric. The mosque located on one side ofthe square is still active but due to 1994 restrictions, is not com-monly attended. Currently, this area is the main entrance to the Avraham Avinu settlement which makes it one of the most highly controlled areas. On the opposite side of the street is a watch point. It consists of a high, solid watch tower, a road gate and soldiers securing the entrance to the area. Even if the structure of the gate only restricts vehicles from entering the area, in practice it closes the road for any Palestinian move-ment. DEWWAR AL-HESBEHVegetable market5 AL-SHUHADA STREET دوّار الحسبة Al-Shuhadastreet Avraham AvinuSettlement